Transparent Sucking & Vibrating Male Masturbator

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The automatic male masturbator gives you a whole new feeling. It has a super-soft chambered love tunnel, and the lifelike vaginas are like your partner wrapping your penis with her soft tongue. Once the masturbator starts sucking on your pole, you’re in for the deepthroating you’ve always wanted, and experience a natural, blowjob-like suction! What’s more exciting, the vibrating masturbator massages your penis with intense vibrations. The combination intensifies your sensation for more incredible thrills.

Innovative Oral Sex Male Masturbator Cup: We designed this male masturbator cup by simulating real oral sex swallowing, and the in-depth cycle mode brings you a real sucking feeling. As the air is drawn in, the inside will squeeze and expand, and your brother will be sucked in tightly, plunging deep into her with each breath, feeling the thrill of soft friction.

New product upgrade! 7 vibration and 3 sucking modes for stronger vibrations, more sucking modes. There are more free combinations to play, bringing you a better experience!
【Automatic Pumpsucking】
This male masturbator cup with latest vacuum pumping technology,with its multiple vibrating and sucking stimulation, can mimic the sensation of real oral sex, engulfs and kiss your glans gently like your partner’s sexy mouth,deliver 360 deep throat pleasure and climax.
【Medical Silicone】
This sleeve is made of soft,stretchy medical silicone provides tight silky-smooth sensation compare with other hard silicone masturbators.
【USB Charging】
Equipped with DC data charging cable,charge in 3.5 hours with battery life 2 hours.Enjoy anytime, anywhere.After charging, remember to disconnect the power first (please note,it does not work when charging), then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on, and short press the fuction button to switch the frequency
【Beauty voice interaction】
Sexy female voice, the more intense the twitch, the louder the scream, make your G-spot crack with your voice. This masturbator has a realistic feel.A real voice, put on the earphones, and launch the final sprint with one orgasm moan after another!

【Customer Service】All male sex toys are delivered to you in discreet boxes. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you with perfect after-sales service within 24 hours!

NOTE:The product can not work when it is charged. Please unplug the charging cable and long press power button before use.

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