7.7lb male and female real touch skin youth cat ass realistic pinch burst ass

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  • Lifelike plump hips, unparalleled visual temptation.
  • Supine position, explore the sweetness of missionary style and doggy style.
  • 2 tight holes, perfectly imitate your girlfriend, dispelling loneliness.
  • Realistic internal 3D structure, massage your dick in all directions.
  • TPE material, soft and fit without harming delicate skin.
  • 100% waterproof, can be cleaned with running water, clean and hygienic orgasmic experience.


Are you still suffering from the loneliness of being far away from your partner? Do you find it difficult to spend time alone? Then you need a caring plaything to soothe your sudden sensuality. And that’s what we are actually able to offer. This beautiful buttock exists in a supine position, with a very high degree of simulation of the private parts’skin texture. The inner walls of the vagina and anus are all covered with threads, raised hills, and thorns, which bring you a progressive accumulation of pleasure. Imagine that on a sweet night,this naughty coed lying on her back on the bed, gently lifting her short skirt with her fingertips. Legs are slightly lifted up, revealing the dark pink pussy. Two sweet little holes seem to be opening and closing, waiting for your fierce piercing. You can’t wait to rush forward and throw her down, the virgin-like tight dick-wrapping is already in your mind. She kept complaining and begged you to redouble your efforts. How delicious it is! While your bro is comforted, your hands can knead the full buttock wantonly. High elastic TPE material allows you to feel actual skin touching. Moreover, it is completely waterproof. In other words,you canenjoy the bathtub game, just like having a wonderful couple-bathing with your sexy lover.


Size: 12.59×6.89×6.89 inch

Material: TPE

Weight: 7.72lb

Package included:

1 x Buttock

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