Automatic Transparent 4 Suction Male Penis Pump

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  • 4 levels of suction strength allow progressing at your own pace
  • With pressure, a quick release valve is much safer and reliable
  • Automatic suction pump to potentially enhance stamina and orgasm intensity
  • Transparent cylinder with measuring gauge helps you track progress and results

Description:A super-friendly pump for beginners, there are 2 simple buttons to control the release and increase of suction. Make penis exercise easier. The transparent tube provides an excellent view. Through the transparent tube, you and your partner can observe the changes of your penis together, which is really an excellent visual enjoyment. The penis pump can bring 4 different pressures to your penis. Choose the most suitable pressure to exercise your penis. Use this toy to make you and your partner have a better sex life. The transparent chamber with a measurement gauge allows you to track and control the pressure with every session.This pump is up to 12 inches in size and has an 8.5-inch cylinder long enough to give you enough space to grow upwards!

Please note: Using the lube for the best experience.


  • SKU:Q8562
  • Function:Vacuum Suction
  • Frequency:4
  • Color:Black
  • Material:ABS, Silicone
  • Power Type:USB Rechargeable
  • Packing List:Product x1; USB Cable x1; Instruction x1
  • Size:12.3*3.1in
  • Weight:1.06lb

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  • M***aOK, first time I’ve ever used a pump of this nature.Pro’s – Does what it’s designed to do. Great value for the price. If you want to just try one out without spending much money, it’s definitely worth it. You can buy more expensive ones but they all just suck air out of a tube. Two different seals to give a more comfortable fit. I’m glad to say, one was too tight.. I’ll stop there. Make sure you use ample lube, it can be difficult pulling out of it after use if not properly lubricated. It comes with two additional pump gaskets and very easy to clean.Cons: Not many really, other than a little leaking of air around the base. Additional lube resolved that.I love dealing with Paloqueth, they’re customer service is 2nd to none. Make sure if you need assistance, reach out to Amira…. Awesome to deal with!

    Helpful , ON 23 April 2021

  • K***iThis is the first time a tried a product like this, I always thought thee things didn’t work but I was blown away at how after ten minutes I was noticably bigger and how long the size boost lasted… I read some review and I apparently lucked out choosing this brand but I’m glad I did….use water based lube and it’s even better

    Helpful , ON 15 June 2021

  • P***oI was surprised as how well the pump worked. So easy to operate. I love the way the buttons work for suction, pausing, and releasing the pressure.My only objection is the orifice size on the flexible base. The size is too small for my flaccid penis to be inserted and the hole is too small to comfortably remove my erect penis. OUCH! I had to enlarge the opening. Having different opening sizes on the bases, as several other pumps supply 3 different ones, would be advantageous for the user to chose from.The orifice size is my only criticism to a great product.

    Helpful , ON 24 June 2021

  • I***lIntensely strong suction, even on the first setting. There are three buttons, a plus button and a minus button to change the vacuum strength and a quick release valve button which you’ll want to make use of if the pull gets too strong for your liking. Five blue lit indicator bars show your current setting level. Includes two rubbery seals with an opening for your business. It’s a tight fit so definitely use the included lube to make things easier. The clear tube has measurement marks to gauge your progress and can be easily detached for cleaning. Mine came uncharged so make sure you use the usb cable to charge it up beforehand. I have no illusions this will make one bigger but it is a certainly a novel and interesting sensation that I would recommend to anyone looking for a new experience.

    Helpful , ON 22 June 2021

  • A***nHad prostate surgery and was given a pump to help with erections and to stimulate blood flow. That this was old fashion compared to this one. Had to pump and release for up to 10-20 strokes then hold and release for up to 10-20 minute. This item is a dream. Put on some lubricant and just hit the slow button and it slides right on and then just sit back and let it work you to a full erection! Then stop it and wait then release. Also it doesn’t feel as it is digging into your pelvic like the old one that I had… Very comfortable! If i have to replace this one, I would surely be buying same brand!Helpful , ON 26 April 2021

  • K***nI’ve used this item daily for nearly a week now. Th first go around was a bit surprising. This has a lot of suction power, so start on the lowest setting as other reviewers have said! This product is very well built and intuitive to use. For best results, use lube! It helps with insertion and also maintaining suction for the recommended 10 minutes. I would highly recommend this product. I’ve only used it for nearly a week, so I’m not sure of the long terms benefits. Right now it works perfectly as advertised!Helpful , ON 02 May 2021

  • L***dThis device is powerful! I have never used one before this but the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was which lead me to believe that it wouldn’t be powerful enough, but I was very wrong. It barley makes any noise at all and has more than enough suction power on the lowest setting. it cam well packaged in a nice box and was really intuitive to figure out. You really do get a lot for such a low price, I don’t know how they do it. Most other companies charge a ton for simple things, but you get more than enough with this pump. It has a quick release button for the valve so you can quickly adjust the suction level or hold it down to fully release it. Overall, I think that this is a great addition for anyone. The uses are limitless, aside from larger and more sensitive erections, the sucking action feels incredible and can be used in D/s dynamics as a tease.Helpful , ON 17 April 2021

  • I***eFirst off the packaging was shipped in perfect concealment. There is no possibility of knowing what the item is in the box. I have never used an electronic pump before but I was VERY happy with the results. I like the fact that there are batteries included in the unit and that its rechargeable via micro usb. There are two size attachments that depending on girth will give you a tighter seal. Black and clear, clear being the larger size. All I can say is this thing works. Wife and I are very happy with the results. Honestly have never needed the higher settings with suction, but man does it work. They also give you a spare o-ring so in the future you can replace this. Very smart thinking on the manufactures part. Been using this for over 3 months and other than the occasional charging this pump is working like a charm. Seller is fantastic and answered all my questions quickly and effectively prior to purchase. They will give you the 5 star customer service you are expecting. For the price and the results, this purchase is a no brainier.Helpful , ON 21 June 2021

  • K***yI have never owned or used a pump or suction device . This is my first one, and I have to say I am very impressed. I did not create a good seal on my first couple of try’s but after I figured that out it worked great! At first I was thinking that it was not that powerful and that it was just a mediocre novelty. But once I got the seal right and cleaned up the pubic hair around the base and testicles , WOW what a difference. The suction from the device is so strong that I was starting to pull my testicles in and it was becoming very painful, good thing it has the vacuum release, which works instantly as soon as you push it. It allows you to control the comfort level very easily. I’m not sure if I have any gains yet but it does look promising. I think this penis vacuum is well made and easy to use and would recommend it to anyone in the market .Let me not leave out how awesome the sensation is once you get it right and keep the seal in tact . It’s like one continuous blowjob that lasts 15 minutes , or how ever long you keep it on for, but believe me you will want to keep it on for at least that long.Helpful , ON 23 June 2021

  • C***aRegular use helped me considerably maintain a harder, longer lasting erection.Helpful , ON 14 July 2021