10-Pattern Tongue-Licking Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples Playing

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  • Double ring design, creates a more stable wearing and a more complete penis-restraint effect.
  • Extra small silicone panel with bumps on, serves as a stimulator for the Perineal Raphe area.
  • Dense spikes of different lengths, massage the whole labia area for two-way joy.
  • Flexible tongue at the top, enjoy tongue-licking orgasm from nipples, clitoris, and asshole.
  • 10-pattern Tongue-lick+vibrating, the violent happiness will blow your mind.
  • Wireless remote control, effortless mode switch.
  • USB charging allows being carried around for sudden whims.


Spice up your intimacy with this amazing sex helper. With multiple functions in one, it can not only be used as a male enhancer but serve for the pleasure-inspiring of women. When used as a dick ring, its two rings can act on the back of the balls and the root of the shaft of the penis, respectively. In this way, stable wear is guaranteed, and the restriction on the return of penile blood has doubled that of ordinary products of the same type, helping you to obtain a more complete penis exercise effect, so as to gain stronger penis enhancement. More than that, an extra small silicone panel extends from one end of the outer ring to cover the male Perineal Raphe area, and the bumps on it will create an itchy tease. However, the spurs of different lengths distributed on the side of the motor part are dedicated to teasing the partner’s labia area (including the clitoris) as you thrust. The stronger the thrust, the more intense the clitoris crushing pleasure. At the same time, its 10-frequency vibration allows it to send vibration pulses to both the penis and clitoris. Luscious! When served as a massager alone, its flexible tongue mimics the real one to lick your or your mate’s nipples, clitoris, asshole…you get the idea! Similarly, there are 10 tongue-licking modes are available. Moreover, this toy can be controlled by wireless remote control to help you get an effortless mode switch. Lightweight body and USB rechargeable characteristics make it easy to be carried around. It deserves to be on the list of your sex toys collection.

Product size: 5.5 x 2

Inner width of penis ring: 1.6/1.8

Weight: 0.17lb

Material: silicone + ABS

Charging time: 1.5h

Usage time: 40min

Noise: <65db

Package included:
1 x penis ring

1 x remote control

1 x manual

1 x charging cable

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